Friday, November 2, 2018

KRHS Community Life Skills Program

Kingswood Regional High School
Mrs. Senecal


Welcome to the KRHS Community Life Skills Program Blog!

The mission of the Community Life Skills Program here at Kingswood Regional High School is to assist students in the development of skills to function as independently as possible in the school, home, community, and work environments.

The students will follow a course that is built upon and strengthened day by day and year by year.  Skills such as problem solving, communication, daily living skills, social and leisure skills, self-advocacy, time management, vocational skills, and functional academic skills are all an integrate part of the this program.

The importance of the application of these skills requires a progression of the instructional setting from within the classroom to integration into the local community and work site environments.  The hopes and goals of the students and their families are of prime importance in shaping the individual educational experiences of each student.  

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“Development of skills for functioning as independently as possible….”